Tend your own Garden

We all would like our lives to be our own.

Our own to have

Our own to keep

To decide on

To control

To have the last say.

And in a perfect world it probably would be the case.


Our world is anything but perfect.

Often it is not what we hoped for

Different from what we expected

Far from what we wished for

Nothing we are willing to accept.


Life is unpredictable, unscripted, unfeeling.

So lesson to be learned…

Every time you embark on a new leg of the journey of life.

Go forth without expectations.

Don’t want what others have

Don’t wish for what others enjoy

Don’t expect what others receive

Don’t compare your  finds with that of others

You might just miss the bounties right  under your nose


For life is not a competition, a race or  game

It is a journey

And each persons journey is unique, individual and custom made.


So admire the green grass on the other side of the stream

But be patient with yours

You might wish for luscious lawns like your neighbour and completely miss the pretty flowers among your weeds

Patience is key

just as it took time for the next person’s twigs to grow green

So will your your twigs grow into luscious lawn and if you are lucky

even have a few scattered flowers.


Enjoy your own garden…..