Tend your own Garden

We all would like our lives to be our own.

Our own to have

Our own to keep

To decide on

To control

To have the last say.

And in a perfect world it probably would be the case.


Our world is anything but perfect.

Often it is not what we hoped for

Different from what we expected

Far from what we wished for

Nothing we are willing to accept.


Life is unpredictable, unscripted, unfeeling.

So lesson to be learned…

Every time you embark on a new leg of the journey of life.

Go forth without expectations.

Don’t want what others have

Don’t wish for what others enjoy

Don’t expect what others receive

Don’t compare your  finds with that of others

You might just miss the bounties right  under your nose


For life is not a competition, a race or  game

It is a journey

And each persons journey is unique, individual and custom made.


So admire the green grass on the other side of the stream

But be patient with yours

You might wish for luscious lawns like your neighbour and completely miss the pretty flowers among your weeds

Patience is key

just as it took time for the next person’s twigs to grow green

So will your your twigs grow into luscious lawn and if you are lucky

even have a few scattered flowers.


Enjoy your own garden…..

surviving life

In the times that we live we are constantly bombarded by ideals of  tolerance and forgiveness

And yes, in a perfect world everybody will be naturally caring,loving, forgiving and tolerant. But being  forgiving and tolerant is not allotted to everyone.

Some of us need immediate retribution as means to instant gratification and  an immense desire to prove the guilt of another.

But the human species is adjustable,  dynamic and resilient.We are able shift and change and adapt as needed.

We can put  our happy face on at any time, despite what or how we may feel inside.

surviving life

We can…

Be Brave when needed

Be cautious when needed

Be reckless when needed

Take chances when needed

Be gentle when needed

Be strong when needed

Cry bitterly when needed

Laugh hysterically when needed

Be humble when needed

Be proud when needed

Be sad when needed

Be happy when needed

Be kind when needed

Be harsh when needed

Be quiet when needed

Be silent when needed

Make our voice heard when needed

Be critical when needed

Believe when needed

Trust when needed

Have faith needed

Question when needed

Introspect when needed

And all this is needed


Surviving Life

Listen to the song

Reflection brings perspective and clarity.

But also points you to where you gone wrong and how different actions could have led to different outcomes.

You realise that in some some battles the casualties are far too great to justify the fight.

 You realise that you are combatant in an endless and waisted conflict that is not worthy of being pursued.

And that you are wasting precious resources on a futile and waisted effort.

Why not rather focus on the small battles won and forget about the raging war and the constant hope of the spoils it might render.

However, it’s easier said than done.

I think at the risk of sounding like I know, I am of the opinion that the very energy used to constantly engage in wasted fighting should be utilised in moving towards that which is positive and focus on the gifts you have in your life and in recognising them and appreciating them, more joy and happiness will fill your world and the people who shares it with you.

 So go on!

Follow the song in your heart and forget the noise in your mind that is keeping you on the battlefield and is bogging you down.