Somethings and Nothings

Speaking about issues brings resolution and conclusion.

But often in that process of those very coversations new issues are lifted. New realisations come to the fore. Realisations about unseen pain and discomfort. Realisations about have’s and dont have, wants, needs, desires, expectations. All of which was gets overridden by greater and more immediate needs.
A case of being spread thinly and having to make a call as which need should be priority. Discontent, tears and pain follows. Often due to misconceived assumptions.
Going to the same dot on a map does not mean time spent together. Arival more often that not results in a huge shift. Connections are severed to make way for a different ones. Seperated by departments and physicallity, almost as if two spots seperate and away from each other are occupied.

 So contrary to perceptions one becomes two and often remains that for long periods just like the general public out there. U wish for different but realise that wants and needs breeds irrationality and once again you find understanding and try to think of ways to alleviate, eradicate and prevent pain and discontent caused by what was there even before and probably wont change very soon if at all.

By now it is clear that this will not be easy. There will always be something, never nothing.

But comfort lies in that which is bigger than all the somethings. Bigger than any nothing that can be wished for. The one constant. Love is all around. Strong, true, sincere, pure, sure, without bounds and unadulterated.