Listen to the song

Reflection brings perspective and clarity.

But also points you to where you gone wrong and how different actions could have led to different outcomes.

You realise that in some some battles the casualties are far too great to justify the fight.

 You realise that you are combatant in an endless and waisted conflict that is not worthy of being pursued.

And that you are wasting precious resources on a futile and waisted effort.

Why not rather focus on the small battles won and forget about the raging war and the constant hope of the spoils it might render.

However, it’s easier said than done.

I think at the risk of sounding like I know, I am of the opinion that the very energy used to constantly engage in wasted fighting should be utilised in moving towards that which is positive and focus on the gifts you have in your life and in recognising them and appreciating them, more joy and happiness will fill your world and the people who shares it with you.

 So go on!

Follow the song in your heart and forget the noise in your mind that is keeping you on the battlefield and is bogging you down.


How do I love thee…no me!

Things are really topsy turvy right now. I feel like my world has been turned on its head. Pulled right from under my feet.

But its not the impact it has on me that is the issue. It is how my lack of substance and stainability of myself, are impacting on others.
I seem to have a very negative impact on those around me. I’m over sensitive and thus view everything and anything as an attack on my being.
And that I guess results in me being unreasonable, unfair and irrational.

So I in an attempt to remedy or salvage the situation, I have one of two options.

Option 1
Totally retract and remove myself in order to not land in possible confrontational situations or encounters
Option 2
Trust and allow those who love you to carry you and trust that they have only good intentions that comes from a place of caring.

But trust is my biggest foe.

The one thing that I have not been able to acquiree in my years of dealing with troubles and pain.

I sometimes even question my own intentions. My own character. Very often I would find the words that exit my mouth to sound hollow and insincere. Finding myself in a place to have to convince myself. Lacking the conviction to even trust myself.

I find people liking me, loving me and I cannot help or stop myself from questioning their motives and intentions. Cannot help but wanting to ask what do they really want. Are they sincere? I wonder.

I find friends expressing their feelings and affections for me and the passion and sincerity would often shock me.
How can I be love in such a way.
I am not deserving of it.

So bottom line is…

If I cannot see myself, how can i believe what others see.

If I cannot love myself, How can i believe others love me.


If I cannot like myself, how can I belive others like me


If I cannot trust myself


 how can I ever trust others.

Beauty Routine of the Heart

Tears are the shower your heart takes when in need of cleansing.

 Part of your heart’s beauty routine. An all in one cleanser, toner and moisturiser… For your heart.
Tears wash away all emotional impurities, feelings of discomfort and any other kind of pain that could disembellish the face of the heart.

 The heart’s own showers of blessings.
Like the desert needs rain, the heart needs tears to refresh and renew.

Tears revitalise the heart when it feels tired and renews the heart when it feels old and rundown.
The facelift and the grueling exercise regime of the heart. Beautifying and strengthening the heart all at the same time.

Tears are there when we are sad and when we feel bad.

Tears are there when we are happy and when we feel glad.

And tears are there for everything else in between.

So go on, Cry.
Its good for you…
and for your heart.