Back to the future…



Yesterday therapy was painful. After lots of honesty and candid talking, the conclusion came as such a shock. Old label replaced with new. But not just one but two.
Regression is evident. Tablets are to be reviewed and adjusted. Now again will be discomfort, anxiety, headaches, insomnia and irritation. I feel like my world is crumbling to my feet right before my eyes. More anxiety for the family. More for hubby to have to deal with. I hate bi-polar 2.
But I hate my two new enemies even more.
Bi-polar 1 and BPD absolutely positively and passionately

 HATE and DESPISE you!

One thought on “Back to the future…

  1. Beloved Sister across the seas… you will be OK. My own sweet Sisterwife suffers from BPD and more, just… like… you. She hates taking her meds, but hates how she behaves when she doesn’t take them even more. It involves a lot of work, but it can be done. So, yes, your world is “crumbling to your feet” but that’s not a bad thing! Together, we are destroying her past to build her a real future, and you can do the same for you. Rebuild, Sis, with your family, as you are NOT alone – build again, better and more beautiful, grounded in love and safety. This I wish for you. So mote it be.

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