recipe for disaster

My world is a place of highs and lows. Ups and downs. Smiles and  frowns.  Joy and  sadness. Laughter and tears.

My world is a place of confidence and self-doubt. Faith and doubt. Control and chaos.

Life and a desire for not living.

And all of the above can easily exists concurrently  in the same space of time.

Add to to the above a splash of paranoia and a pinch of melancholy.

And what you have is a recipe for disaster.

That could cause a lot of pain, discomfort, tears and arguments.

And instead of getting the support and comfort of those close to you, you end up alienating them as they withdraw as a means to avoid confrontation and conflict and to preserve themselves.

So every time my world fluxes,it topples and falls into impending disaster that is only avoided

by those who cares about me putting themselves into the line of fire.

Sad smile

One thought on “recipe for disaster

  1. Dearest Sister Across the Sea… how I wish I could be there for you, to hold your hand and laugh and talk and cry over a cup of tea and some sweets. I understand. Does that help you at all… knowing that someone understands…? The fact that you are aware of your feelings is good. Apologize for your short fuse. Explain your fears. Tell your family you love them. SHOW them you love them. Ask them to help you. You deserve it.

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