Listen to the song

Reflection brings perspective and clarity.

But also points you to where you gone wrong and how different actions could have led to different outcomes.

You realise that in some some battles the casualties are far too great to justify the fight.

 You realise that you are combatant in an endless and waisted conflict that is not worthy of being pursued.

And that you are wasting precious resources on a futile and waisted effort.

Why not rather focus on the small battles won and forget about the raging war and the constant hope of the spoils it might render.

However, it’s easier said than done.

I think at the risk of sounding like I know, I am of the opinion that the very energy used to constantly engage in wasted fighting should be utilised in moving towards that which is positive and focus on the gifts you have in your life and in recognising them and appreciating them, more joy and happiness will fill your world and the people who shares it with you.

 So go on!

Follow the song in your heart and forget the noise in your mind that is keeping you on the battlefield and is bogging you down.


Selfless or Selfish

I haven’t blog’d in a while. I needed to take a break from the world outside and focus on myself. My internal well-being became the primary priority. So much has happened. So many obstacles needed to be overcome. Ownership of guilt needed to be disowned and shifted to where it belonged. Many promises to myself and others needed to be renewed. Some needed to be amended while others needed to be discarded.
I now find myself at a crossroad. Do I put myself first and totally disconnect myself from my primal and inherent instinct to put others first and self-sacrifice my own being in an attempt to save others from the world and pain? Or do I exchange selflessness for selfishness. Those close to seem to feel I should. And not to call it selfishness but rather self-preservation. But this whole concept is something totally against my my core. Against the person I am and always have been.
So how do I unlearn giving to others first or being self-sacrificial and become the primary in my life. Not an easy task I assume, but necessary non the less. Naz