Labelled… :(

So now I have been labelled. I have joined the select few. I’m right up there with great masters like Da Vinci, Dickens and Newton. Oh, not forgetting Honest Abe.
But somehow I can find no comfort in the knowledge that greatness and legends have been born from my new label.
What does it really mean for me? How will it affect my life, normality, functionality, productivity?
Is the knowledge of my condition a curse and debilitating obstacle or is it true that there is power in knowledge.
I dont feel very powerful or positive at the moment. I feel uncertainly, fear, hopelessness, failure, frustration and anger.
Anger for the legacy of my parents. For them still taking from me. Crippling me. Hurting me.
What will become of me when when all those who are helping and supporting grow tired of me and my constant struggles. Tired just like me. What will become of me? Where will I end up? Future is now more scary and uncertain than ever before.

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