PlodDing PolygaMath!!!

Often you hear marriage is a 50/50 partnership. But what exactly does that mean.Does it mean you should only give 50% and expect only 50% in return? But that would leave you with only 50% again. So then logic would dictate that you give 100% in order to receive 100%. Something most marriages just do not get right.

Thus essentially marriage is then not a case of two halves making a whole, but rather a case of two wholes completing and adding value to each other.

But how does the math work if the fraction or equation is subject to 3 parts as opposed to two. Then the math becomes even more complicated because how do you get 50/50 from a three part equation.

In a monogamous marriage the wife and the husband would be the two equal contributors, but what to do if there is one husband and two wives. Should each wife in polyganous marriage now give 100% and is she to expect 100% return? And if so, the husband should then be giving 200% in order to accomodate both wives. A bit taxing, dont you think? Or should each wife accept that the poor husband can only give 50% to each wife thus giving each of the wives the right also to only give 50% to him.

Sounds all wrong doesn’t it? So how do you work this. I certaily dont know.

I guess this this one will get filed under unsolved mysteries.

 I use to have 100% and now I have less. Not sure if I have 50% because question is 50% of what. Is it 50% of what I had or of what I could have now. Or is it 50% of what is available at any given time. The only certainty is to have 100% and then be reduced to an unknown number is discontenting, as your emotional budget in no way can balance. Simply because the expected emotional expense have not yet adjusted to the smaller emotional budget. And all this uncertainly makes it even harder to solve this complicated equation called polygaMATH.

Too many unknowns, making a solution impossible.

PolygaMATH will remain unsolved!!!

2 thoughts on “PlodDing PolygaMath!!!

  1. Dear Sister across the Seas…

    There is more to factor in! Do not forget the FOURTH part of your relationship, which is the three of you, TOGETHER. You and he, you and she, he and she… and all you three!

    You say you “used to have 100%” but now you “have less.” What a shame to feel that way, because I am certain that you and both of your spouses are doing your best, yes? If so, then whose “fault” is it to not receive the gift of that effort? Not theirs, because they are making the effort… but yours, for not accepting, perhaps?

    Love shared is love multiplied, not love divided. You – each and every one of you – must not be afraid to state what you need in order to live happily, and not just survive, plodding from day to day. None of you are mind-readers, SisterWoman. Also, ask yourself, is it not best to be treated fairly? Fairly does not always mean “equally.” Example: if your needs are verbalized, and your needs are met and you are content, would you be jealous of your spouse being given something you hadn’t even thought to ask for? Please think on this.

    Your family is based upon love of God, and love of one another. Perhaps the three of you should sit down and share some sweet tea in lovely glasses… or some hot coffee and pastries to watch a weekend sunrise, as you talk about all of this in a gentle and respectful manner.

    Peace and love to you and your family, from me and mine, across the seas.

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