Lucky in love

From the time you are born, you have this primal need to be love, to feel loved and to give love. Your entire being yearn for affection toward you. As children our source of love is very much driven any physical offering provided. If you are fed, clothed, bathed and kept safe it may create the illusion that you are loved. Even just being liked can be easily misinterpreted as love. And unfortunately this delusion of love then more often become a permanent chaperone on your life journey creating a great desire to please and becoming a perfect candidate for abuse and misuse. Because it is simple, in order to please, you have to sacrifice and the easiest commodity to sacrifice is yourself.

But all is not lost. Every now and then life deals you a good hand. You meet someone that does not need you to self sacrifice. That does not need to be pleased all the time. That wants to give rather than receive. Someone that would cool the sun and catch the moon for you. Someone to whom you are the priority. Someone who loves you without expectation. And you realise how blessed you be to be loved like that
And just when you think you have found the ultimate person to love, you are surprised by an additional love entering your life and loving with almost the same abandon. Making you more than just priviledged. More than just chosen. More than just lucky. It makes you special. Special to loved for who you are and not what you have no offer.

I am loved like that.
I am special.

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