Handling Hurdles

Its early morning hours. Sleep is evading me once again. Why can my heart, my mind not find peace? Why does dependence now seen the norm. I am strong and independent. A modern woman who should not need. I am bold and brave. I am… Lonely and alone.
This hurdle is a challenge to overcome. But overcome I will
Or die trying…

One thought on “Handling Hurdles

  1. You say “A modern woman. . . should not need.” This is not true! Who says this is fact? Where is it written in stone?

    All people have needs: air, food, water, companionship, information, etc. You have some needs, apparently, which are not yet met, and which must be met in order to turn your sad “loneliness” into content “alone-ness.” It takes a strong person to say “I need” or “please help me.” Do not be afraid to ask for what you deserve, but remember that you must be ready, willing and able to repay the same to any who help you when they are in need.

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