easy taking

I gave. I gave big.
I did. I did huge.
Because I loved big.
Would not accept no or maybe. Only yes would do.
U said lets wait. I said no. U have the right to have what is yours.
Trust me is what I asked. It will be good for you, I promised. Its will make things better. It will take the pain away. I convinced you it is the right thing. The best thing.
So you trusted. You believed what I give can only be good. Believed that it will be good and that I know what you need. And I am giving freely, willingly and selflessly. So you accepted graciously.
So now the tables are turned. Trust me, you ask. It will be good for me, you promised. It’s what you need, you said.

So I have to learn to trust and receive and accept from others. Accepting is difficult, but I will learn.
Will learn to…
Trust and accept graciously.

2 thoughts on “easy taking

  1. I found you by following a post of yours elsewhere… and then I found her, DefyingGravity, on this page… so I followed the breadcrumbs and like a ping-pong ball, back and forth, back and forth, I read and read and read some more… sisters, I am like you… part of a triad… we are out there… part of you… and happy to know of you….

    ***smiles*** and {{{hugs}}}

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