Reflect & Regret

Reflection can bring many realisations. Some positive like,

 I did good this week.

I made a difference in someone’s life. Showed someone to appreciate those close to them. Showed someone who there  are others in the world who cares without you knowing they do. I stood by my principles and did what I had to do and not what I was expected to do. I  gave someone a hug, another a smile. Dried the tears of one and brought laughter to another. I made a suggestion that cannot benefit me right now, but because it is the right thing, the fair thing and it is just, I did it anyway. The consolation is that my time will come. The scales will tip my way too.

I did good

But reflection can adversely also result in not so positive  realisation, choices and decisions.

You reflect on the recent and not so recent past. You did something big for a sibling that you love. You did not care what the impact or consequences for you would be. Your main and primary focus is to save them, to make them happy. To restore their faith and give hope and a promise of a better tomorrow. But everything is not in your power. Things don’t always work out the way we plan or hope. And now you have to deal with the very consequences of your decision to extend your hand to another. And now you have regrets. It was a wasted and expensive effort. But such is life. Sometimes it works and we are happy and sometimes it doesn’t and we have regret.

You reflect on past squandering. How what you had could have alleviated so much discomfort. Could have brought peace of mind. But time cannot be turned back. Than you have to resign yourself to. The only comfort then is…it brought joy. Still brings joy. So…

No regrets!!!

You reflect on yourself, your life , your reality. You realise that inevitably  change bring uncertainty. Uncertainty that can only be countered by having faith and trust. Faith and trust  in your creator, those around you and yourself.

Then upon reflecting you realise that certain aspects of your existence are being left behind, some are being neglected and some are being threatened. Their very existence threatened by this reflection of  change. You realise that timing is not your friend, but rather a taunting , bitter old hag out to just cause discomfort. You realise that your realisation has come at the wrong time and thus everything else seem wrong and empty.

So again you reflect. you rethink. you reconsider.

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