Michael John Cerfontyne

On Monday I still spoke to you. You told me about your dreams, your ambitions and aspirations. You dreamed big and had faith. Faith in yourself, your family, your peers, in me and your creator. You had such high hopes for a future. A future filled with sparkle and promise.
But all your dreams, aspirations and ambitions where not to be. A promise never to be fulfilled. Never to be fully planned, executed and enjoyed. In a flash of anger and violence everything stopped…
A young life ended. Senselessly,
With no regard for the dreams, aspirations and ambitions pending. Waiting anxiously and excitedly to be fulfilled and realised.
So now all that is left is a smiling face etched forever in our memories and burnt with ink on lifeless paper photos. These have now replaced the treasure you were.
A treasure that will be nurtured and treasured in our heart and minds for years to come. So you will stay. Unchanged. Never wrinkled. Never grey. Never old. Eternally youthful you remain in our hearts and minds.
Smiling and youthful forever.
Rest in peace smiling Michael. You were not for this world. Angels belong in heaven. You are home now…

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