visitors become residents

Being in a state of contentment and happiness all at the same time is a joyous, comforting and satisfying experience. And getting to that state can sometimes be a hard and strenuous battle strewn with thorns of disappointment and pain.
And because of the discomfort experienced by being discontent you cling onto your current state of bliss with a desperate urgency.
But how does one extend this blissful state of being to last beyond the here and now. Beyond tomorrow and the next day. To become a regular and permanent resident in your life. Not just an occasional visitor passing through your life briefly, leaving only memories and feelings of longing and wanton.
What is the best and most effective strategy to get a visitor to become a resident?
Do you remind yourself of what delivered you to that space of contentment; what made you sigh deeply with that lingering feeling of bliss, what made you smile or giggle sweetly to yourself?
Do you hold on for dear life to those memories in an attempt to fight of the resident demons to not re-surface and rush back feelings of pain, sadness, discontent and discomfort.
But all these measures are simply too short term to have any lasting effect. All you gain from them are short bursts of illusioned moments of internal calm and peace. Brief and fleeting flashes of the very comfort and contentment you so urgently and desperately crave. Getting you back to the question…
How do get these good feelings to go from fleeting to permanent; from visitor to resident?
After long deliberation with myself and serious reflection on my current state, my past dealings with discomfort and my desired place of feeling I am attempting to reach, I have decided to try my hand and heart at a new modus operandi.
Making new memories and only focussing on the current blissful state I find myself in will be the new means at attaining, maintaining and prolonging the current blissfull state I find myself in. Counting every day I find contentment and joy to add to my constant and prevailing state me happiness. Coz happiness I have achieved many moons ago and maintaining it has become effortless and it has been a static resident for a long time .
So now to get contentment to become a permanent tennent joining my family of good feelings. Mission contentment is a a go…

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