When you love someone you sacrifice for them. You give of your possessions, time, energy and even yourself. You put their needs before your own even when your need is strong and primal. You accept when that person cannot be available at your every call. Cannot be there when convenient to you. You hide your desires and silent requests. You lie convincingly to not let on that a void has been left because what you expected did not realise.

But I know you do the best you can just like you always did. Never taking for yourself. Never giving to yourself.

And sometimes, just sometimes,  just to regroup and recoupe , you would slack just a little. But never enough to completely let go of me.

Yet more is wanted. More time.
More affection.
More love.
More. More. More

Actions scream louder than than any words ever could .
I dont want for me. Not more time or more consideration. I want those for you. You are making the greatest sacrifice. Sacrificing time, space, choice and feelings. You had to give yourself, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Simply because I asked you too.

So the question one really find yourself asking is…
‘Who really is the selfless one?’

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