Pain Killers Please

Hurt and pain seem to be part of everyday life.

Physically pain manifests through the odd headache or cramp here or there. Massages send by our body that things are not well and help is needed. A few tablets later the pain is gone and we soon forget any discomfort we might have experienced.

But how do fix emotional pain. How do take away pain felt in your soul. Pain that cannot be pinpointed to a specific body part. That cannot be fixed with tablets or pills. That no doctor can write a script for.

How do you sooth hurt, pain and sadness?
When your very humanity and integrity are insulted and questioned by people who never even took the time and opportunity, even though it was offered, to get to know you. How do you respect someone who spreads malicious lies with such vindication that it leaves you cringing in pain. You cannot help what would make those individuals so bitter that they have no regard for their fellow human being.
So you try to shrug the malice off and pretend to not care,  only you do care and you do hurt…

One thought on “Pain Killers Please

  1. Your title reminded me of a not-so-distant memory 🙂
    My friend- the happy-go-lucky casanova- had just suffered his first heartbreak about a year ago. He couldn’t seem to fall asleep that night because of an indescribable pain in the pit of his stomach which he was absolutely unfamiliar with. He woke his roommate up screaming for pain killers to soothe the pain so he could get some rest. But of course, he found no analgesic which could cure his heartache.
    I, for one, wish there was.

    Beautiful post 🙂

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