To Un-Be

How do you Un-Be?

Stop being what you were?  

How you were?

How things was?

New terrortory or a new situations can be unsettling. It disrupts old routines and in an attempt to bring sense you cannot even remember the old routine. Feet seem to not touch ground and everything seem topsy turvy. Discomfort seem to be the only constant.

But time is the best teacher and healer. Time teaches you:  the more things change ,the more they stay the same.

So now the buzz is settling. Routine seem to start settling  in. A new routine? Or was the old routine simply sitting in the bleachers,  waiting to step in when the dust has settled.  Normality feels like it is returning. You suddenly remember how things were before and how it felt.

And you realise that in the very mundane of what was is where your comfort and sanity lies. So what to do?  You yearn and even vow to return to how things was. To fit the new into what was, to what worked. 

Maybe the answer lies exactly in there.  

Maybe it lies in what was; in the old.

Maybe totally discarding the old to make space for the new was not wise.

Maybe the answer lies in making the new part  of the old and then, only then renewal can occur.

Maybe, just maybe…

Who knows… time will tell.

Suddenly you feel old connections reconnected. Old flames rekindled.  Time have value again. Not desperate value, but real value with substance and depth.

And you realise you want to be,

To be what you were,

To be how you were,

To be who you were,

To be who you are.

You do not want to ever…


I want to BE!!!

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