Little words with heavy loads

Wishes, desires, needs,wants and expectations.

Little words with heavy loads. Loads that can get heavy when expectations are not met. Laden with feelings of losses, having been cheated and mourning when left unfulfilled, never to be recaptured.

But who is responsible for fulfilling those expectation? And further more how are these expectations communicated and how static, liquid and lucid are they?

Because logically if they are static they could be much easier to deliver but if they are liquid and lucid in nature they might prove more difficult to fulfill.

We all wish, desire, need,want and expect. From simple things like what your sandwich will taste like to what your future will pan out to be. It is not human nature to not expect. We live for the next moment, second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year. It is our nature to look forward and move forward.

So how do we not make all needs and wants primary and primal?

How do you avoid and prevent disappointment?

Are WE ultimately responsible for the fulfillment of our expectations OURSELVES and if so why do we need others? Or is it again our nature to need from others due to us being social creatures?

How do you not wish, desire, need, want and expect?

Some might say by being thankful for and wanting what you have and is getting already… But like many other things in life it is easier said than done.

So the quest continues…
to find fulfillment and contentment knowing that it could be a quest filled with disappointment.

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