Charity or Chore

So often you do, you give, you make. Because you want to.  Because it brings joy; not only to others but also to yourself.

You give gladly, unselfishly without bounds and  out of love. You give selflessly…

At times  you give because it what is needed.  Because you are able to do without. You give because a promise made  has to be kept.

You give again…

Always with love.

You give freely even when you give that which you cannot give.

Because you love

Because you can

Because you want to

Then one day the need is yours

And giving is needed once again

You battle and struggle internally

My need or another’s?

Do I do what I want or what I should?

Which need gets preference?

The one here or there?

Love again becomes the deciding factor.

Once again you put your own needs on the back burner.

sometimes it becomes totally obsolete or deleted

And you give again. Only this time it hurts. You feel robbed and cheated. Not by others but by yourself. And resentment sets in


always a Charity

this time a Chore..

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